Playful Learning Preschool

A fun way to learn with friends!
A program for children that are 3 and 4 years of age.


Parents, please bring your legal land location, emergency address, contact information including phone numbers and post dated cheques. Subsidies are available for qualifying families.
Playschool Tuesday & Thursday mornings, 8:45am-11:45am, beginning October 2, 2018.
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Address: 2nd Floor, Alder Flats Community Centre, Alder Flats, AB
Phone: 780-388-2130/780-514-6114

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Our philosophy is that all children are equal and unique and will be treated as such. Children are encouraged to their own self-expression, creativity and analytical thinking. This is worked out through play in a safe atmosphere where the child feels free to learn explore without fear or failure.



Developmental needs of children   

We will provide a rich learning environment for the total growth of your children. We will provide activities that will allow the children to be
 creative. We will be
giving the children
opportunities to explore music and stories, to help build self-esteem and problem solving skills, as well as critical social skills.


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About our staff

The teacher, Shawna McLay, has her   level 2 CDW certificate, as well as a teacher's assistant certificate.  Alanna Nauman, teacher's aide, has her level 1 CDA and is a EA substitute at the Alder Flats school.
Both teachers maintain an active first aide certificate.